About Us


Our Story

Diana and Gerzson have always wanted to open an independent shop. At the beginning they had a lot of different ideas but Gerzson's cakes were just too nice to not share them with others..

The Team



Founder & Head Baker

While working in 5* hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants as a pastry chef for years, co-owner Gerzson decided to turn vegan.  He found himself thinking about vegan cake recipes and alternatives for dairy and eggs without compromising on the quality of the cake he made. He no longer wanted to work in an environment which handled animal products so he started thinking about opening a vegan business..



Founder & General Manager

Diana has always been passionate about cooking and baking nice food and after leaving animal products behind, she even got obsessed with it. After years in foreign trade, sales and customer service at different companies she started longing for an own business and something different from a 9-5 office job.