Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

How do I go about ordering a cake?

Please click on SHOP NOW then select your desired cake. Go to 'check out' and you'll be able to pay for your order. Please don't forget to state you preferred collection date and time. 

How much notice do you need for a cake order?

The more the better as we can get fully booked quickly. At least 3 days notice is required when placing an order (within our trading days). If you need an emergency cake for the same day or next day please give us a ring as we might have some available whole cakes in store. If you need anything specific and we have availability, there will be a £5 surcharge when less than 3 days of notice is given.

If it's a multi-tiered cake we'd need a few weeks of notice or more, depending on our availability. Please message us or phone to double check.

What days can I place an order for?

We are open between Wednesdays and Sundays, and closed Mondays&Tuesdays. Please only place an order for a day when we're open, with enough notice otherwise we might not be able to fulfil your order. We are not able to take orders for Mondays and Tuesdays.

Are all the cake/products vegan?

Yes! We don't work with animal derived ingredients and don't keep any at our premises. Everything is 100% dairy-, egg-, gelatine free, vegetarian and vegan.

Do you do wedding cakes/events/wholesale?

Yes indeed! Please click on the 'wedding cakes' or the 'event&wholesale' menu.

Do you do afternoon tea as well?

Yes, please click on the 'vegan afternoon tea' menu.

I have a specific cake order/request/question. What do I do?

Please click on CONTACT US and send us a message.


It is your duty to inform us about any food allergies/intolerances you may have and Earthcake accepts no responsibility for omissions or errors once payment has been made. Please note we supply 100% vegan and other free from goods, but we can't guarantee 100% nut/wheat/soy or refined sugar free environtment as these are handled in our kitchen. However we have catered many customers with these allergies before without any problems. By making payment you are confirming you have agreed to these terms.

My cake got damaged in transport, what can you do?

Please note that once a cake is collected the full responsibility of the cake is with the customer. We make the cakes to be transportable on a long distance and it comes in a cake box which also protects it, also instructions and precautions about transportation are given on collection.

I don't like my order, what is you refund policy?

In the unlikely and rare event of the above please call and return the whole cake back within 24 hours of collection so we can asses the situation and offer another cake or refund (full or partial) depending on the situation.